Great Music, Nice People

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So, something of a delayed and out of the blue post. A couple of weeks back Miloe celebrated his 40th birthday in┬áParis. During the visit it was only right to go hunting for records and do a bit of crate digging. After a short while searching online for various shops info & locations the hunt was on. As it turned out there was only enough time to get to two places. First was OCD near the les Halles shopping centre. Full to the brim of new jazz represses it didn’t take long to grab a few of the rarities on the wishlist that to purchase the original pressings would send the heart into pulpatations & bring any true romance to an end with “why did you spend all of that money” but fortunatley didn’t break the bank.

The second location and reason for this post was a trip to the “Republique” area of the city. Half way down a quiet and unsuspecting street sits “Betino’s”. Thanks to Jayson Wynters for the heads up on this spot. Walking into this small shop it was clear that this is one THE spots to pay a visit when in town to get that crate digging fix seen to. Afew people digging deep into the racks and with some nice music in the background from behind the counter the search began. Firstly dipping into a more than adequate selection of Latin & Afro. Then moving around the shop a little its clear there is a good selection of both New releases both in the racks as well as on the walls & a varied selection of older selections available. After some time and a considerable pile of definites, & maybe’s and a quick 10 minutes at the listening post in the corner with a turntable and set of headphones the selection was complete.

“HOW MUCH” (GULP), we’re not talking about the prices of the records more the fact that someone clearly has an addiction that needs curbing. Well after a┬ásmall amount of money exchanging hands the owner introduces himself.

Friendly, helpful & very easy to have a chat its safe to say Betino is passionate about his music. It’s nice to be able to go to a different country and be greeted with a smile. Suffice to say a number of return visits are on the cards and Betino’s Records will go on the list of must visit digging spots when in town.

So if you are in Paris and need to get that crate digging fix in then pay them a visit. They’re Moto sums them up perfectly, Great Music, Nice People.

Betino’s Records

32 Rue Saint Sebatien

Paris 11


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