June 2017 Chart

Added — 2nd June 2017 by DowntownSoul

Here’s the top ten Soulful House & Deep House hitters that you can here featuring in the Soulcast at present and what to expect in the month of June.

  1. The Timewriter, Sid Thomson – Life is just a Timeless Motion (Sascha Dive Cosmic Dub) [Plastic People] BUY
  2. Atjazz – Programme Sunlight [Suol] BUY
  3. Henry Wu, Simeon Jones – Just Negotiate  (Kaidi Tatham Remix) [Eglo Records] BUY
  4.  Sir LSG, Clara Hill – Circles (Sir LSG Main Mix) [GoGo Music] BUY
  5. Collen Cohen – Hannibal (Original Mix) [Dopewax] BUY
  6. Awanto 3 feat Dexter – Thick [Dekmantel] BUY
  7. Simba – Susan Sorandom [Shadeleaf ] BUY
  8. Martin Hayes – Get On Down [Razor-N-Tape] BUY
  9. Mr. Ho, Florian Blauensteiner – Crescendeux [Klasse Recordings] BUY
  10. Black Loops – 4 The Lovers [Pets Recordings] BUY


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